Where: Suffolk JCC – Room 10
74 Hauppauge Road, Commack NY 11725-4445

WHEN: 7 pm to 9 pm – Tuesday Jul 21, 2015

Please bring your friends and family.
For security reasons, this event is by invitation and referral only.

Just $15.00 per person / $25.00 per couple / $10 per student                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Clare Lopez, Secure Freedom

Alert Long Island is very fortunate to have had Clare Lopez, former CIA agent and Middle East expert, address our supporters.

Her first appearance was February 24, 2015 at the VFW Hall in Searingtown. The above flyer is for her April 29, 2015 appearance in Hauppauge.

Both events were a great success, and we learned incredible information about Iran and threats facing us. 

We consider Clare a trusted advisor to Alert Long Island leadership.

Past Events - in Chronological Order

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 7:00 pm in Hauppauge

Internationally Recognized Activist Paul Weston Speaking on the Islamic Threat

Watch Katie's documentary Homelands


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​​You missed a great presentation. Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/TorstenTrey 

June 16, 2016 at 7 pm - Phil Haney - DHS Whistleblower
​Matrix Media Center 1393 Vets Highway Hauppauge NY

Why is the Department of Homeland Security and the Obama Administration Working with the Enemy Against US? 

When the Department of Homeland Security was founded in 2003, its stated purpose was "preventing terrorist attacks within the United States and reducing America's vulnerability to terrorism."

The Bush administration's definition of the enemy as a tactic, terrorism, rather than a specific movement, proved consequential amid a culture of political correctness.

By the time President Obama took office, Muslim Brotherhood-linked leaders in the United States were forcing changes to national security policy and even being invited into the highest chambers of influence.

A policy known as Countering Violent Extremism emerged, downplaying the threat of supremacist Islam as unrelated to the religion and just one among many violent ideological movements.

Shoot the Messenger

When recently retired DHS frontline officer and intelligence expert Philip Haney bravely tried to say something about the people and organizations that threatened the nation, years of the intelligence information he accumulated was eliminated, and Phil was investigated by the very agency assigned to protect the country.

Phil notes that the national campaign by the DHS to raise public awareness of terrorism and terrorism-related crime known as "If You See Something, Say Something" effectively has become If You See Something, Say Nothing. It's the title of his new book.

In See Something, Say Nothing, Haney a charter member of DHS, with previous experience in the Middle East, and co-author Art Moore expose just how deeply the submission, denial and deception in our government run.

Haney's insider, eyewitness account, supported by internal memos and documents, exposes a federal government capitulating to an enemy within and punishing those who reject its narrative.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2015 7:00 pm in Hauppauge
Rev. Steve Craft on Prison Radicalization Plus
Special Screening of the Award Winning Documentary:
The Grand Deception

Free for Law Enforcement

Limited seating - Registration Required:


Or Call: (888) ALERT 39  [888.253.7839]

Rev. Steve Craft has more than 30 years experience as a chaplain in our prison system. He'll tell us just how prisoners are being radicalized.

Following Rev. Craft's talk, we'll be screening "The Grand Deception."

This award winning documentary shines light on the Muslim Brotherhood's plan to slowly infiltrate our government and impose Sharia law here in the United States. They're further along than you think!

Rev. Steve Craft

Guest Speaker

See Katie's opening remarks at her presentation on June 17:


Paul Weston started writing articles about the left-wing destruction of traditional Britain in 2007, which led to his joining UKIP in 2010.

He stood in the 2010 general election, but resigned when it became apparent that UKIP would not confront the Islamic issue, which Paul considers to be the greatest threat to Britain since Nazism and communism. 

In 2013, Paul established Liberty Great Britain with the aim of appealing to Middle Britain, rather than just the core nationalistic and working class vote which the leftist mainstream media find so easy to vilify and smear.

Mr. Weston believes that if we are to discuss taboo subjects such as mass immigration and Islam, it is imperative we do so from an elevated moral and ethical position impervious to leftist character assassination. 

Paul was arrested in 2014 on the steps of Winchester town hall for quoting the words of the late Winston Churchill.

The story hit international headlines and was covered by SUN News and FOX News.  On 4th January 2016, Paul became the leader for the British branch of PEGIDA, the Dresden-born anti-Islamization movement.

PEGIDA UK aims to mobilize people from all walks of life and to create a substantial, peaceful street movement that meets regularly to protest against the influx of fake refugees and Muslim extremists.

Where: Matrix Media Center, 1393 Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge, NY 11788
When: 7 pm to 9 pm – Wednesday March 8th, 2016

Please bring your friends and family.
For security reasons, this event is by invitation and referral only.

Register here: http://bit.ly/Alert-Paul-Weston 

$20.00 per person/ $30.00 per couple    
Students: $10
Law Enforcement and Active Military: Free