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​​​Long Island has so much to offer. It's 118 miles long with 361 miles of beaches, championship golf courses, opulent mansions, vineyards and home to 90,000 businesses. 

With all its riches Long Island has some of the highest property taxes and energy costs anywhere in the country.  Our efforts to have our nation become truly energy independent will help preserve our way of life, and mitigate the ever rising costs of taxes and energy.

​Energy independence and protecting the Power Grid is one of the main focuses of AlertAmerica.News.


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June 23

10 AM

Anne Marie Waters
Founder of the For Britain party in the U.K. Anne Marie is fighting for free speech and against ever-growing authoritarian control. As here, she notes that 'migrants' get more benefits than citizens and veterans. 

July 18
7:30 PM

Economist Stephen Moore
Steve architected the Trump economic policy – that’s still throwing off record revenue to the Treasury – and authored several books. His latest, with Senator Rand Paul, is Govzilla: How the Relentless Growth of Government Is Devouring Our Economy—And Our Freedom

Sep 12
7:30 PM
Trevor Loudon
Trevor’s mission is to out the Communists who have infiltrated ALL of our cherished institutions. His last book exposed all of the Commies running for president in 2020! WHITE HOUSE REDS: Communists, Socialists & Security Risks Running for US President, 2020. His latest documentary is Enemies Within the Church.
Oct 17
7:30 PM
Lauren Morris
Lauren is the bravest of intrepid investigative journalists reporting on the downfall of Austin, TX. Once a great haven for musicians and street artists, Austin is now a hotbed of communism and civilization jihad.Lauren will update us on her efforts to save this once-great city. 


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AlertAmerica.News is a grassroots effort devoted to educating Long Islanders and notifying citizens of impending threats by working with local law enforcement, local and state legislators, and members of Congress.​​

We are focused on strengthening national security, upholding the Constitution, assuring the preservation of Israel, achieving energy independence, protecting our Power Grid and assuring the safety of our citizenry.


The fiasco in Afghanistan is a wake up call that we the people cannot trust our elected officials, to act responsibly. The $85 billion they abandoned in Afghanistan could have taken care of the money they want to give the IRS. But let's not!

The Federal budget is already bloated with waste. We don't mind fixing some bridges, tunnels and roads – but the bloat and fake infrastructure in these spending bills is an outrage.

We urge you to abandon the push on these spending bills. No bill should be 2,700 pages.

  • We don't want amnesty of any kind

  • Close the border and finish the wall

  • Limit these bills to actual infrastructure

It would be better to give Americans a tax holiday and let us do the spending. The waste, fraud and abuse in DC is legendary, corrupt and shameful. 

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